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Project Manager - German Market

Part time

Project Manager  - German Market (28-32 hours)

Do you want to add real value with your work? In an environment where we like to learn and feel the freedom to develop ourselves?

Use your skills as a Project Manager to help millions of cancer-patients all over the world, specifically in Germany. 
TiredofCancer BV is a dynamic and ambitious company whose mission is to help as many cancer patients as possible to reduce their fatigue and improve their quality of life. We do this by offering a digital health programme, the Untire app.
Cancer related fatigue is the most common side effect of cancer and its treatments and has a severe impact on sufferer’s lives. Our unique and effective solution for cancer related fatigue, the Untire app, is already available internationally and we will be focusing on entry into the German DiGA system over the next 6 months. Therefore, the role is guaranteed until March 2024 with the possibility for extension afterwards.
In order to realise success in the German market, we are looking for an experienced and motivated project manager; someone who has a native understanding of the German language, is organised and structured in their work, can create and nurture good relationships and has a strategic mindset. It would be ideal if the candidate has experience in healthcare but this should not be a barrier to application.
We would love to work with someone who is pro-active, forward thinking and can navigate comfortably between strategy and action.
What would you be doing?
·      Executing a commercial strategy aimed at implementing Untire in the German national health care system
o   We will aim for acceptance as a Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen via the BfArM and this role would be executing the associated commercial strategy
·      Maintaining contact with multiple shareholders, internally and externally, on everything from strategy to delivery
o   Including sales force, marketing agencies, design bureaus and others
·      Building a network of cancer patient support groups and health care professionals to best support getting the app to the patients
What skills do you need?
·      English and German language skills, Dutch is also helpful but not required
·      The ability to create and maintain relationships within a professional network
·      To be self-motivated but also comfortable in a team setting
·      Ideally, but not mandatorily, some experience in the health care or oncology fields
What do we offer?
An amazing team with a true team spirit. 

The team culture at our place is one you have not felt before. Everyone is ambitious and hard-working but at the same time amazingly warm and welcoming. We highly value a safe working place. 

We have team members from all over the world. We are based in Utrecht. Currently we have people in the team from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, India, Iran, and Argentina. And we are looking forward to welcoming even more people and cultures to our team.  

Flexibility in working place and hours. 

You can combine the benefits of working from our wonderful office with working from the comfort of your own home. We are all very flexible at Tired of Cancer and in good conversation, almost everything is possible! 

Competitive salary 

Doing good and making money? Almost sounds too good to be true, we make sure to offer you a competitive salary. The range for this role is €3000 & €5000 depending on experience. 

Personal development

We find it important that all team members feel the room to develop themselves to grow and feel at their best. We provide a yearly ‘education fee’ with which you can choose training modules.

Holidays & Pension 

We offer everyone a generous number of days for holiday and contribute to building a pension for all our employees.  

Afternoon drinks & social trips

Every week we have a drink with the team, completely without obligation, but always with good vibes. When there is something to celebrate, and there often is, we drink champagne so that we don't forget to celebrate the small wins. Besides our weekly drinks we organize social activities. We all have to get out sometimes and do something fun together, like a sailing trip or a drumming workshop! 
Inclusive and welcoming environment 
We pride ourselves in cultivating a safe, inclusive culture that welcomes diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. Cancer patients come from all walks of life and so do we! We celebrate our team for their unique contributions irrespective of sex, gender identity and expression, nationality, age, race, skin color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and other personal characteristics.
What do our colleagues have to say about working at Tired of Cancer?
“I joined for the mission and stayed for the team. There’s the freedom to grow your career whilst serving a greater good all the while knowing there’s the safety and support of a wonderful team behind you”
“I started at Tired of Cancer because of the opportunity to be able to contribute something to a better world and I still work there because we do so with a team of very nice and inspiring people.”
“I was impressed by the effectiveness of our product but finally it is the team. It makes me proud working with very talented people and fantastic and inspiring team”

How to apply

Does this sound like something for you?
If so, please contact Megan and apply with a short motivational letter. 
In case there are anymore questions, send us a message and we'll schedule a call or a cup of coffee and we'll try our best to answer all of your questions. 

Tired of Cancer BV

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Millions of cancer patients and survivors worldwide suffer from extreme fatigue. They feel so tired that it affects all aspects of their lives. They often feel stressed and depressed as well. We help them by offering a digital solution to cope with their fatigue.  

Tired of Cancer’s app Untire, contains a program that helps cancer patients and survivors to understand their fatigue and give them practical exercises and tips to work on their energy level. All content of the app is based on proven methods in clinical practice. The app is a CE-marked medical device and has already been proven to improve thousands of lives. 

Our current team consists of 13 professionals in the field of business, research and development. We are based in an office close to the central station of Utrecht. Our mission is to help as many cancer patients as possible all over the world. You can truly feel the spirit to achieve this mission in our whole team.