Digital Health Jobs, but where?

Digital Health is a thing! New startups are founded every day, and I've heard of many physicians ditching traditional hospital careers in favor of joining a Digital Health company. That's cool!

But what's not cool is that, so far, finding those jobs was hard. You'd need to know the names of the companies who were hiring in Digital Health, and even then it was a painful search. Generic job portals like Indeed are pretty useless because they're cluttered with vague job offerings from enterprise companies. In other industries, specialized job boards have sprung to life and filled an important niche: There's Brave Clojure Jobs for Clojure dudes and dudesses, Remote OK for remote jobs, and Tailwind Jobs for TailwindCSS people.

Why not build a job board for Digital Health Jobs?

So there you have it. Let's build a central resource for jobs in Digital Health :)

Oliver from OpenRegulatory