Intern Person Who Wants To Get Started In Digital Health

€24,960 - €24,960
There are many things which we do differently at OpenRegulatory. We don't use Slack. We have a four-day workweek. Everyone gets access to the company bank account, and if you get your work done in 2 hours per day, that's fine with us. Click here to learn more about us.

But now over to you!

You want to get started in Digital Health but have no clue where to start. You've checked out other job posts out there but they seem to be looking for people slightly different than you: People with clinical experience, software developers or designers.

You don't know where to fit in - yet.

We might have just the right thing for you. While OpenRegulatory is a regulatory consulting company, we do so much more in Digital Health.

We work with a huge number of startups, helping them not only with regulatory work, but also with product and business decisions. We build websites and tools which help Digital Health startups solve problems - like this website which helps startups hire people. We built it in a long weekend - and you can build something like that here, too!

This is your perfect opportunity to get some broad exposure to working in the Digital Health space.

You are pragmatic, your communication is clear and you can self-teach yourself things. English language is essential, German skills are nice to have but optional.

Your grades and (University) education are nice to know, but ultimately don't matter much.

Oh, and doing this part-time is also possible!

What matters most to us? We're a remote-first company in which very few people get many things done. To communicate well remotely, you have to be able to communicate well in writing. Your writing therefore must be in brief, easy-to-understand language without typos and formatting issues. Also, while we value cleanliness (if you think we're neurotic, you might not be too far off), we also value pragmatism. That means that you similarly try to strive for perfection in results while not getting lost in details (a bit like Django's slogan of being a "perfectionist with deadlines").

How to apply

Please send us your CV by clicking the link below.


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