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Ontology clinical lead

Full time
€50,000 - €55,000
We’re looking for a clinician to join our team as ontology clinical lead, to ensure that the Concentric Ontology is the best resource of peri-operative and treatment information globally.

Our ontology powers the clinical content within Concentric, providing the application with structured, evidence-based data regarding thousands of procedures, treatments, and clinical concepts. It’s also integral to driving some of the complex functionality around searching for treatments and combining treatment templates.

This role - up until now mostly managed by me (Daf) - is probably as clinically-minded a role as you’ll find in the health tech space. It requires a willingness to think deeply and delve into the evidence, an enthusiasm to work with other clinicians to support their use of Concentric, and a drive to work together with technical teams to support the development of the ontology and the tools used to manage it.

How to apply

Read the full job description and details on how to apply at:

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