Full Stack Developer

Full time
What you’ll be doing:
  • Collaborating with product designers and backend developers on new features, quality improvements of existing features.
  • Shape the stack/architecture of the products (for patients, doctors, backend) on different levels.
  • Testing and error-proofing user interfaces and backend APIs and reacting to problems arising in live systems.
  • Design interfaces between various stack components (medical, patient-facing) to ensure a unified, streamlined experience.
  • Write robust, secure, scalable code and coordinate with other software developers and project managers.

You’ll probably have
  • Extensive HTML, CSS & JavaScript knowledge.
  • Experience with at least one reactive frontend framework such as React or Vue.js.
  • Proficiency with server-side languages such as PHP or Python.
  • Designed and developed APIs (RESTful, GraphQL).
  • Knowledge with containerized applications.
You’ll love this role if
  • You like discovering things. You ask lots of questions and are interested in what you’ll find.
  • You can deal with chaos and disorder and you know how turn it into process and progress.

What we offer you
Building for healthcare is a marathon and we expect a lot from you. To help you excel, we offer a friendly, healthy and flexible workplace, life/family friendly hours and great benefits. You have control over your work life and the support you need to succeed. You’ll get:
  • Great healthcare. You and your loved ones get free 20x.health membership.
  • Remote, hybrid or office: up to you. Ops staff should expect to work at our health centers (initially in Vienna) most weeks. Tech, product and commercial teams can work wherever they like. Everyone is welcome to work from our office in Vienna. We all meet f2f quarterly.
  • 30 paid vacation days including 1-2 complete company shutdown weeks. If you need more paid time off, just ask.
  • Flexible work schedule with limited core hours. We care about output, not long hours.
  • Flexible Fridays. Work or take the day off. Up to you, but strictly no internal meetings.
  • Real weekends. We don’t expect you to do Monday’s work on Sunday night.
  • Protected personal hours. You choose when you’re OOO, whether to do sports or pick up your kids. One of our co-founder, leaves work at 3.30 twice a week to pick up his kids and is unavailable daily between 6-8 pm for dinner/bedtime. He’ll sometimes catch up on emails later, but won’t expect responses or calls at night.
  • We operate on trust for as long as we can. We schedule and record work days to help everyone plan ahead and maintain speed, and to make sure you’re taking enough time off.
  • Competitive compensation, including equity, so you can build ownership in our company. We don’t want to be your best paying option — we want you to join because we have the most impactful, interesting job for you!
  • All the usual fringe benefits, including public transport passes, healthy snacks, etc.

How to apply

We believe in equal opportunities for everyone and encourage diversity and inclusion. We encourage applicants with diverse backgrounds to apply and will look at all applications without regard to gender, nationality, race, color, religion, age, disability status, sexual orientation or marital status.

Email join@20x.health to let us know why we’re a good match. Include your LinkedIn profile and/or anything else you’d like to showcase. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 


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